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A series of ‘Research & Projects’ presentations will run in parallel to the main conference workshops at the 3rd VPL-Biennale on 7 & 8 May in Berlin.

We are inviting presentations which shine a spotlight on current academic research on the topic of VPL, or showcase VPL projects in progress or recently completed.
Are you interested?
If so, please submit a short abstract, outlining your proposal for a 10 min presentation. Submissions will be peer reviewed. Successful applicants will be invited to speak at the conference and will receive a free conference pass.

To apply, please submit an abstract of up to 200 words in English by midnight on Friday 1 March, 2019.

The application form can be found at https://vplbiennale.org/call-for-papers/
Spotlight on Track 2 – Financing
While promising a return on invest for many parties involved, validation costs money. For this reason, the creation of financing structures and a response to the question of who pays what towards the cost of validation or qualification procedure are of crucial significance. Two case studies are introduced below, which will feature at the conference.

Flemish Government
The Flemish Government commissioned an analysis of the budget required to implement an integrated VPL procedure, and the potential return on investment at the level of the Flemish region.

Dr An De Coen was part of the team that monetarized the costs related to VPL. In her presentation she will discuss the main principles of the standard cost model that was used to calculate the costs.

This detailed approach shows which actions require the largest investments and to what extent efficiency gains could be obtained in order to organize VPL at a substantial scale.

Icelandic Government
The Education and training Service center (ETSC) has since 2004 coordinated a national VPL system for people with little formal education in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture; the social partners and regional Lifelong learning centers. Career guidance is embedded in the process. The process is free of charge for the individuals but financing of the system is provided by a public Educational Fund directed by a board from various stakeholders and administrated by the ETSC. This presentation by ETSC’s Managing Director, Sveinn Adalsteinsson, will explain the Icelandic system, touching on the costs and benefits.
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Martin Noack gives an overview of his workshop track “Financing”.
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