An E-portfolio for Life Long Learning

8 may 09:30 - 10:45
An E-portfolio for Life Long Learning Marloes Smit

An E-portfolio for Life Long Learning

Marloes Smit

During the VPL Biennale we want to share our experiences with our self-developed e-portfolio system, DITKANIK.NU (Lit.: I Can Do This . Now).

Download An E-portfolio for Life Long Learning (pdf)

We use our e-portfolio system during VPL-procedures but we also provide our candidates the possibility to use the e-portfolio after a VPL-procedure in the context of Life Long Learning. During the presentation we:

* present the most important features of the system that support candidates after a VPL-procedure;

* elaborate on different uses of the e-portfolio (education, labour market, etc.);

* discuss the motivating role of the system regarding self-development;

* discuss the necessary requirements for participating in the ‘Life Long Learning environment’ of the e-portfolio system.


About Marloes Smit

The Netherlands

Marloes Smit has studied Educational Sciences (field of study: Curriculum, Instruction and Media Applications). She started working at Libereaux in 2010. In the first year she supported the VPL-services and processes of Libereaux by counselling candidates and developing VPL-instruments. Later on, in the role of quality coordinator, she was responsible for the internal quality system concerning VPL and the (further) development of custom fit VPL-procedures.

In the last years Marloes has also taken the role of educational consultant. She supports higher vocational institutions with the flexibilization of their education and implements VPL at these institutions. From 2016 through 2018, Marloes was Coordinating Body in the European peer review project concerning VPL.

From 2012, Marloes is involved in the design, development and implementation of the e-portfolio system ‘DITKANIK.NU’ (I Can Do This . Now). She analyses the needs of the users (both candidates and staff of organisations) and translates this into a substantive design. With the help of an it-developer, this design leads to the actual system.