VPL Prize

Congratulations to our winners of the Global VPL prize!

The VPL prize committee has reached results on prize winners based on a selection process. There were 22 applicants this time with a flora of cases.

The four winning cases and coordinators are (not in specific order):

Technology enhanced learning, assessment, development of academic strategies for RPL student success
A case from South Africa focusing on supporting students who undergo validation of prior learning in the process and continuing learning

Coordinator: Dr. Rekha Rambharose – University of Western Cape 

Recognition of foreign qualifications in Austria – AST – Counselling/Contact Points for people who gained professional qualifications abroad
A case from Austria focusing on supporting migrants in getting their qualifications from abroad recognized

Coordinator: Aleksandra Panek – AST, Counselling Centre for Migrants in Vienna

VPL in working life – Specialized office clerk in the public sector
A case from Iceland focusing on uncovering employees’ competences and giving them value

Coordinator: Guðfinna Harðardóttir – Starfsmennt, The Educational Training Centre for Public Employees

A case from the Netherlands supporting the delivery of inclusive and skill-based career guidance through an AI based solution

Coordinator: Ulrich Scharf – SkillLab

The VPL prize winners will be awarded and introduced at the VPL Biennale.

More information on the cases will be available here on the web soon.

About the prize and the criteria

The focus of applications is open to the submission of any project, programme, process, document or description of the activity that has significantly advanced the cause of Validation of Prior Learning (VPL). The main themes of the 4th VPL biennale serve as inspiration for applications.

Applications need to demonstrate: 

  • A description of the process and results
  • To what extent the work/activities have advanced the cause of VPL

If you have questions about the VPL Prize, please send them to Fjóla María Lárusdóttir, VPL Biennale organiser, fjola@frae.is.