VPL Prize Assesment procedure 2019

  1. A panel of impartial jury members will be briefed on the VPL prize assessment criteria.
  2. Two jury members will be assigned to each application. They will score the application against the set of criteria listed on the application form. When their grading differs by more than 10 points, a third jury member will assess the application. In this case the mean value of the two highest scores will stand. In cases where the difference is less than 10 points the mean value will stand. The same assessment form will be used for all three categories.
  3. Consolidation phase: in case some applications within the same category receive the same score, the jury members will have a consolidation discussion. Their task is to indicate with qualitative arguments a distinctive difference (be it one point or more) between the applications.
  4. The applications in each category will be ranked in order according to the consolidated scoring.
  5. Three to five best scored applications of each category will be invited to the VPL Biennale and the prize winners of each category will be announced and awarded in the evening session on May 7th.
  6. All the nominees (9-15) will have a stand in the Biennale main hall, where they will have the opportunity to showcase their product/procedure/policy.