Global VPL prize – deadline extended!
We have received a number of requests to extend the deadline to allow more time for applications at this busy time of the year. We are delighted to announce an extension until Sunday 3rd of March at 23:00 CET.
The VPL Biennale is calling for examples of best practice in three categories: products, procedures, policies. All shortlisted candidates will receive a free conference pass and display space in the main hall at the Biennale. The winners will also have their travel and accommodation reimbursed.

The award ceremony will take place at Unter den Linden, Berlin on the evening of 7 May. To apply, go to www.vplbiennale.org/vpl-prize/

Spotlight on Track 4 – Support structures
Access to guidance is essential for learners trying to navigate recognition procedures. A combination of face-to-face support as well as online tools and information form a valuable component of any functioning VPL system. Below is a snapshot of two of the case studies, which will feature at the Biennale:
Coordination of validation and guidance
In this session, participants will hear the preliminary results of a CEDEFOP study. The research focuses on the following questions: a) what are the necessary conditions to ensure a successful integration between validation and guidance activities in practice; b) how can the coherence of the outcomes of guidance and validation be assured; c) what are the benefits of stronger coordination between the two services and what are the costs and problems.
An integrated approach to VPL advice
Dr Deli Salini will present the forms of support and advice available to applicants in initial vocational education and training (IVET) in Switzerland. In this context, the VPL procedures are integrated into a flexible program for the promotion of certification procedures for adults, especially addressed to low-qualified adults.
Click here for a preview of the conference speakers https://vplbiennale.org/presentations/
Ernesto Villalba-Garcia from CEDEFOP gives an overview of his track ‘Support structures’.

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfCi-9Wa1cY

To register for the conference, please go to: https://vplbiennale.org/register/

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