Tell us what you expect from a VPL Community of Practice!
At the 3rd VPL Biennale in Berlin half a year ago, the participants gave strong support for setting up an international network of VPL practitioners, experts and policy makers. Together with Lifelong Learning Platform and Peer Review Network we have developed a needs survey to better understand what exactly it is you would be looking for in such a network.

Please fill out the short questionnaire and help us advocate for a more organised Community of Practice that delivers the services you need!

VPL-Biennale Book in the making
The Biennale Book 2019 will cover a selection of papers from the seven tracks and the VPL-prize winners. The Biennale Book will also highlight the Berlin Declaration, its context and purpose and how it builds on the VPL community mindset. The purpose of this book is to capture in a small publication the highlights of the 3rd Biennale and cast a look forward into the near VPL-future. It will be published both as an E-book and a limited edition paper version.

The editorial team consists of Ruud Duvekot, Anni Karttunen, Martin Noack and Lieve van den Brande. We will keep you posted as soon as the book is published!
Check out more presentations in the download section!
After many of the invited speakers also the keynote speakers and many speakers in track seven on research and projects agreed to share their presentations with you. So if you missed their sessions or would like to refresh your memory you can find the documents now on our website

Check out the download section: vplbiennale.org/downloads/
Reminder: Save the date: 12.-14.05.2021!
4th VPL Biennale Cape Town, South Africa
The VPL Biennale goes truly global, with the South African Qualifications Authority hosting the 4th edition in 2021. Mark your calendars!

Watch the invitation video: youtube.com/watch?v=FDLVWcohR_U
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