Global Prize for Validation of Prior Learning 2019 – Apply Now!

The VPL Biennale is calling for examples of best practice in three categories:
products, procedures, policies.
The competition offers applicants from around the world an opportunity to communicate best practice, helping to further develop and implement effective VPL systems.

Shortlisted candidates will receive a free conference pass and they will be invited to display their product, policy or procedure in the main hall at the Biennale. The winners in each prize category will be presented with an award at an evening reception at the 3rd VPL Biennale in Berlin on 7 May 2019.
For more information and to apply, go to www.vplbiennale.org/vpl-prize/
With a theme of “Making policy work – Validation of Prior Learning for education and the labour market”, the VPL Biennale seeks to strengthen the platform for policy makers, practitioners, users, researchers and other stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of Validation of Prior Learning.

Deadline for applications for the VPL prize is Sunday 24 February 2019.

Spotlight on workshop track 1
organisational arrangements

Come to Berlin and listen to how organisations have built bridges between different stakeholders for VPL at the Biennale 2019! Two case studies are introduced below.

The Finnish SIVIS Study Centre is a national liberal adult education organisation focussed on capacity building among NGOs. As part of their work, they have developed a learning outcome-based certification format for SIVIS training programmes. The team has also developed an e-learning course on VPL, the focus of which is to train professionals working in formal education to recognize and validate skills and competences gained in non-formal contexts.
As part of the Norwegian National Skills Policy Strategy, specialists have developed “A Balancing Act” model. The aim of this model is to create and depict a structured way of how to describe skills so that both the world of work and the world of formal education have a similar understanding of the outcomes. The model aims to facilitate defining skill standards in the workplace in the same way as standards are defined in the formal education system.
Click here for a preview of the conference speakers https://vplbiennale.org/speakers/

Anni Karttunen gives an overview of her workshop track “organisational arrangements”.
Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfDWFnsmCSk

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