Call for proposals

5th VPL Biennale call for proposals (0 downloads)

Under the four thematic pillars, underpinned by the central theme of validation and
democracy, you are invited to share your work and experiences, evidence of
progress in validation (VPL/RPL) or research, critically reflecting on assumptions, engagement, empowerment and impacts.

Contexts will typically include education and training policy, practice and provision,
workplace development policy and practices, including labour market activation, civil, social
and community settings.

Using the questions under each sub-theme/ pillar, you are invited to consider if, or what
policy and practice in these diverse settings is evidence of democracy in action. We
encourage a focus on future needs and the necessary responses, the skills and abilities of
practitioners, and partnerships. Additionally, we invite you to identify the unique contribution
of validation supported by evidence.

There are two formats for presenting:

  1. Concurrent Sessions – These sessions are 30-minutes in length and should be as interactive as possible. Multiple sessions will be occurring at the same time in different rooms.
  2. Lightning Talks – These are 5-minute presentations of your work using one slide (electronic poster) based on a template you will be provided. Lightning Talks will be sequential in the same room in front of a larger audience.

Deadline for receipt of your proposal is 12 January 2024.

You will be notified by 5 February 2024.