Monday 6 May 2024

6:00pmWelcome reception
David Denieffe, Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Registrar, South East Technological University, Ireland
Eileen Curtis, Chief Executive, Kilkenny Carlow Education and Training Board, Ireland
Colleen Seymour, Secwepmc Elder, Canada
Entertainment: Music Generation
Saint Canice’s Cathedral
The Close
Coach Road
Kilkenny City

Tuesday 7 May 2024

8:00amRegistration/tea and coffeeReception
Lyrath Estate Convention Centre
Conference Co-chairs and Co-organiser representatives
9:50amKeynote – Democracy and VPL
Dr Ted Fleming, Professor Emeritus, Maynooth University, Ireland
10:20amPanel Discussion
Dr Julie Reddy, University of Johannesburg
Ms Pauline Boivin, Lifelong Learning Platform, European Civil Society for Education
Mr Diego Piazza-Almudi, National Council for the Standardization and Certification of Labour Skills. Consejo Nacional de Normalización y Certificación de Competencias Laborales (CONOCER)
Dr Dae Joong Kang, Seoul National University, South Korea
Moderator: Dr Borhene Chakroun, UNESCO
11:35amTable discussions and report outMcCurdy
12:45pmLunchYew and Grill Restaurants
2:00pmConcurrent session 1 (Inclusion)
Gender mainstreaming within the context of RPL 
Catherine Wanjiru Maina
McCurdy 1
2:00pmConcurrent session 2 (Skills)
Mature-aged students in transitions into new careers through welfare professions?
Charlotte Troelsen 
Mette Bech 
McCurdy 2
2:00pmConcurrent session 3 (Individual)
Are traditional recognition systems hiding talent pools that could ease skills shortages? 
Wendy Cato 
McCurdy 3
2:00pmConcurrent session 4 (Skills)
Policy development: Building VPL capacity in the formal education system in Norway
Elisabeth Bøe  
Julie Løvseth
McCurdy 1
2:00pmConcurrent session 5 (Mobility)
Asset mapping for diverse social and cultural capital: case of tourism industry 
Timo Halttunen 
Anni Karttunen 
Maginnes 2
2:00pmConcurrent session 6 (Inclusion)
VPL for immigrants & refugees in the US: The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System Experience
Charlotte Nitardy 
Mary Beth Lakin
Maginnes 3
2:40pmConcurrent session 7 (Inclusion)
Understanding Recognition of Prior Learning as a Tool for Labour Market Integration
Per Andersson 
McCurdy 1
2:40pmConcurrent session 8 (Skills)
Validating work experience for further learning  NCOI University’s learner-friendly VPL-process
Ruud Duvekot 
Irma Kolkman 
Madeleine Farla
McCurdy 2
2:40pmConcurrent session 9 (Individual)
Elusive and fragile: working towards a national approach to RPL that scaffolds organic traditions systemically
Andrina Wafer  
Jim Murray 
McCurdy 3
2:40pmConcurrent session 10 (Skills)
Measuring Democracy in Design – Two case studies of skills recognition for skilled migrants and refugees
Deb Carr 
Maginnes 1
2:40pmConcurrent session 11 (Mobility)
Empowering Mobility: Unveiling the Transformative Impact of Mainstreamed VPL Provision in Donegal ETB’s FET Service 
Siobhan Murray 
Maginnes 2
2:40pmConcurrent session 12 (Inclusion)
Competency-based PLAR for Assessing Student Learning
Sylvia Bell 
Iain Pardoe 
Carolyn Ives 
Susan Forseille 
Maginnes 3
3:20pmConcurrent session 13 (Inclusion)
VPL on Trial
Serge Ravet  
Don Presant
McCurdy 1
3:20pmConcurrent session 14 (Skills)
French VPL reform : an example of democratisation and empowerment of the public 
Emilie Burel 
Anne Bretel
McCurdy 2
3:20pmConcurrent session 15 (Individual)
The role of monitoring VPL for democracy and accountability in Italy
Roberto Trainito 
McCurdy 3
3:20pmConcurrent session 16 (Individual)
Empowering Learning Journeys: The potential for Gen AI to support the Individual Validation with My Career Path at Atlantic Technological University (ATU), Ireland.
Carina Ginty  
Gavin Clinch
Maginnes 1
3:20pmConcurrent session 17 (Mobility)
Does validation support mobility while respecting cultural and sub-cultural difference? The case of UIL’s work on RVA for migrants and refugees
Raúl Valdés Cotera 
Katie Jones 
Maginnes 2
3:20pmConcurrent session 18 (Inclusion)
Embedding and Promoting Validation of Prior Learning across Limerick and Clare ETB College of FET
Alan Hogan 
Patsy Hogan 
Caroline Goode  
Donna Horgan 
Megan Buckley 
Maginnes 3
4:10pmConcurrent session 19 (Inclusion)
Decolonising PLAR at TRU: Perspectives from a student, advisor, and director
Susan Forseille   
Nic Suapa 
Geraldine Bob 
McCurdy 1
4:10pmConcurrent session 20 (Skills)
Validation Skills: Prior Learning Assessment and Refugees and Displaced Populations
Jenny Mincin 
McCurdy 2
4:10pmConcurrent session 21 (Individual)
Collaborating and sharing RPL knowledge and practice – the case of the RPL Digital Badge
Clare Walsh 
Ciara Staunton 
McCurdy 3
4:10pmConcurrent session 22 (Individual)
Career Development Practice: Transformation through Validation  
Teresa Francis 
Lindsay Guitard
Maginnes 1
4:10pmConcurrent session 23 (Mobility)
Unlocking Pathways to Academic and Workforce Success through CPL/VPL
Kendrah Winters-Pearson 
Dallas F. Kratzer II
Maginnes 2
4:10pmConcurrent session 24 (Inclusion)
Making Fewer Strangers – Networking Networks 
Christina Paulus
Siobhan Magee
Carol Lynch
Tilman Dörr
Andy Brown (Moderator)
Maginnes 3
4:50pm – 6:00pmLightning talks 1
PLAR 2001: Introduction to Reflective Practice and PLAR Portfolio Building – Carolyn Ives, Sylvia Bell 
Valuing Informal Validation of Prior Learning as a Principle of Adult Education – Nuala Glanton
Cultural competency training as an approach to valuing diverse cultural knowledge and ways of understanding – Clare Walsh
Enhancing the implementation of RPL in Irish higher education – Deirdre Goggin
Regione Piemonte towards universal VPL: building a right for all – Teresa Valentino
European RPL Network: Peer support through networks – Agnes Witzani
Breaking Barriers: Empowering Childcare Professionals through VPL for Career Mobility and Higher Education Access – Martina Ward McNulty
McCurdy 1
Lightning talks 2
Passages: Valuing singular experience through a digital framework – Yves de Champlain
Validation of Prior Learning within the National Hairdressing Apprenticeship: a National Approach – Patsy Hogan
Teagasc- Supporting and enabling the VET learner in the RPL process in the land based sector in Ireland – Carmel Finlay
Recognition of prior learning as an educative experience – Cathal de Paor
Reflections on a PhD study: uncovering the values, beliefs, and assumptions in RPL – Phil O’Leary
Putting Learners First: scaffolding RPL approaches for Adult Education Practitioners – Catriona Warren, Ann-Marie Cullen, Clare Power
RPL – the Scottish Perspective – Marissa Lippiatt
Adapting Educational Principles Inspired by First Peoples Learning – Susan Forseille
McCurdy 2
4:50pmConcurrent session 25 (Skills)
IPERIA and the development of VPL for the homecare sector: 30 years of innovation and impact on the French VPL reform 
Nadège Turco 
Marion Marty 
Camille Savre 
McCurdy 3
4:50pmConcurrent session 26 (Skills)
Powering PLAR with Artificial Intelligence 
Adrienne Galway 
Nick Hanson 
Maginnes 1
4:50pmConcurrent session 27 (Mobility)
Validation, Access, Progression, and Social Justice in South Africa
Heidi Bolton 
Makhapa Makhafola 
Maginnes 2
4:50pmConcurrent session 28 (Inclusion)
Why Opening the Recognition of ALL Learning Credentials Matter?
Julie Reddy
Maginnes 3
5:30pmConcurrent session 29 (Individual)
Empowering Vocational Learners through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): Fostering Active Engagement and Career Advancement 
Sandra Joyce 
Caoimhe Ní Riain   
Cormac Byrne   
Geraldine Brassil 
McCurdy 3
5:30pmConcurrent session 30 (Skills)
Pilots, projects and path dependence: Building new systems for prior learning 
David P. Burns 
Maginnes 1
5:30pmConcurrent session 31 (Mobility)
MARTe – “A technological approach to micro-credentials”: an overview 
Francesco Sanasi
Maginnes 2
5:30pmConcurrent session 32 (Inclusion)
Exploring how Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) strengthens inclusion in an Irish and Finnish context
Martha Bolger 
Fergus Craddock  
Peter Pahlman 
Sarah Barron 
Amanda Butler
Maginnes 3
6:00pmBreak and socialising
7:00pmBBQBBQ Pavilion

Wednesday 8 May 2024

8:15amRound table sessions
Learned young, old(er) done. Learning to Reflect on one’s talents at an early age – Olten van Genderen, Ruud Duvekot 
Using a Continuum to Increase VPL Opportunities – Nan Travers
Creating Open Pathways: Using OER to Support PLAR Portfolio Creation – Sylvia Bell and Carolyn Ives
Democracy in Nursing Education – Lorraine Clarke-Bishop
Child and Youth Care Students as RPL Advisors – Tricia Bonner, Sarah Hopper
A Practice Based Case Study: A cohort approach for academic programme recognition for enterprise learners – Christine McCabe, Myra Feely, Olive Kelly
Learning path independent holistic validation assessments for students with working experiences – Jannie Lensen
VNIL in a VUCA World:  The View from eucen – Lyndsey El Amoud, Christina Paulus
8:15amNetworks meetingMaginnes 2
9:00amWelcome and announcementsMcCurdy
9:15amPanel discussion – Connecting learning across continents
Dr Ernesto Villalba Garcia, CEDEFOP
Brikena Xhomaqi, Lifelong Learning Platform, European Civil Society for Education
Raúl Valdés Cotera, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning
Christine Hofman, International Labour Organisation
10:30amCase studies and round table discussions
Katie Jones, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning
Susan Forseille, Thompson Rivers University, Canada
Anna Kahlson, Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education
11:15amPolicy responses
The rudder that sails the ship: policy

Exploring policy and linking to the 4 themes and case studies

Aline Juerges, European Commission
Dr Rhianna Rogers, US Department of the Treasury
Orla Lynch, Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science
Dr Borhene Chakroun, UNESCO
1:10pmConcurrent session 33 (Individual)
Validating Prior Learning in the context of Rural Community Development
Gary McNeely 
Wayne Kelly
McCurdy 2
1:10pmConcurrent session 34 (Individual)
A Pause for Reflection: On the Meaning of What We are all Doing
Alan Mandell 
Ruud Duvekot
McCurdy 3
1:10pmConcurrent session 35 (Skills)
Volunteering, Validation and Employability: VOL+ Program Evaluation 
Maida Pieper 
Maginnes 1
1:10pmConcurrent session 36 (Inclusion)
Empowering students in lifelong learning: Forging a new practice of VPL in Icelandic universities 
Anna Magnea Hreinsdóttir 
Maginnes 2
1:10pmConcurrent session 37 (Inclusion)
Micro-credentials as a building block to recognize prior learning for entry to higher education  
Meg Benke 
Sergio Botelho Junior 
Maginnes 3
1:50pmConcurrent session 38 (Individual)
Mediating knowledge boundaries: translating and transferring learning across work and educational contexts
Helen Pokorny 
McCurdy 3
1:50pmConcurrent session 39 (Skills)
The Validator’s Role in Recognizing and Assessing Prior Learning: A Norwegian Perspective
Anette Lund Follestad 
Maginnes 1
1:50pmConcurrent session 40 (Skills)
Qualifications + Validation = putting all skills to use 
Anna Kahlson  
Marcus Karlsson 
Maginnes 2
1:50pmConcurrent session 41 (Inclusion)
Quantifying the Contribution of RPL in Irish Higher Education: Progress toward developing a consistent sectoral Dataset across 14 Higher Education Institutions 
Grace Edge   
Christine McCabe 
Aishling O’Toole 
Maginnes 3

2:30pmConcurrent session 42 (Individual)
PLAR for Everyone: A New Way to Recognize Skills and Learning 
Michelle Chisholm 
Hazel Richardson  
Patrick Reinartz
McCurdy 3
2:30pmConcurrent session 43 (Mobility)
Show me and tell about it 
Paula Willemse 
Maginnes 1
2:30pmConcurrent session 44 (Skills)
Delivering RPL: structured yet flexible, with the learner at the centre
Deirdre Goggin  
Phil O’Leary
Maginnes 2
2:30pmConcurrent session 45 (Inclusion)
What Do We Want To Cherish? Re-Examining Assessment In The Collective World
Nan Travers 
Maginnes 3
1:10pm – 3:00pm Lightning talks 3
RPL Practitioners Network Ireland: Collaboration in Practice – Angela Higgins
Basic generic competencies for employment are the foundation for inclusion and employability – Jörgen Bergvall
PLAR Persistence: What impacts were experienced by individuals who had experiential learning validated, culturally, socially, and practically? – Iain Pardoe, Susan Forseille
An RPL Toolkit for a new qualification – bridging the gap – Fiona Fay
Building on Experience, not (only) Certificates: Digital Tools and the Potential to Bridge the Gap in Skill Validation and Career Guidance – Simon Schmid, Christof Bretgeld
Professional Testimonial within a specialised course bridging for experiential learning: A   collaboration of Enterprise Engagement – Sabrina Kavanagh
Achieving RPL Using Scotland’s National Framework for Qualifications – Nicola Smith
Vocational validation for Swedish property management – James Johnson
National momentum, local innovation…a helpful nudge for the enhancement of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – Deirdre Harkin
McCurdy 1
1:50pm – 3:00pmLightning talks 4
Framework use in RPL: A Conceptual Approach – Paul O’Leary
Stackability of Micro-Credentials – Nick Hanson
‘RPL for professionals in the creative industries in Ireland and abroad: micro-credential case study’ – Rebecca Roper, Lousia Keogh
Co-creation of a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Toolkit for the Irish Higher Education sector – Clare Walsh
UDL for VPL – Empowering Individuals for VPL Assessment – Amanda Butler
Ready, Set and Go for Validation! – Thomas Nylund
Transversal Skills Development – Mila Popovic
McCurdy 2
3:30pmClosing session
Professor Alan Mandell, SUNY Empire State University, USA
Professor Irene Sheridan, Munster Technological University, Ireland
Gina Ebner, European Association for the Education of Adults
4:45pmBus departs for Dublin AirportLyrath Estate Hotel