The future demands lifelong learning

7 May 16:00 - 17:15
The future  demands lifelong learningDr James Rickabaugh

The future demands lifelong learning

Dr James Rickabaugh

Developing capable, independent adult learners for success in work and life

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Most formal educational systems are designed to prepare students to be taught. Yet, today’s young people face a future that will require them to be skilled, independent learners, regardless of the careers they choose or whether a formal instructional support is always present. While it will continue to remain important to develop key academic skills and knowledge, we know that success in a rapidly changing world will also demand the capacity and desire for lifelong learning. The Institute for Personalized Learning is dedicated to meeting the challenge of nurturing powerful learners, who have the capacity and drive to learn for life. This session will address the underlying theory and research supporting this approach and feature examples of personalized, learner-centered practices. We will discuss the implications of a redesigned learning ecosystem that develops the capacity of all young people to learn without always having to depend on formal structures and professional instruction. Finally, we will explore implications for developing capable, independent adult learners for success in work and life.

About Dr James Rickabaugh

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Dr. James Rickabaugh serves as a Senior Advisor at the Institute for Personalized Learning, an education innovation lab dedicated to the transformation of public education. The Institute serves more than 60 school districts across Wisconsin and five other states. It is a member of a ten-state network of state innovation labs coordinated by the Council of Chief State School Officers. Dr. Rickabaugh formerly served as Director of the Institute for Personalized learning. He also served as Superintendent of the Whitefish Bay Schools, Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District, and Oconomowoc Area School District. He also served as Midwest Regional President for Voyager Expanded Learning.

Dr. Rickabaugh was Wisconsin Superintendent of the Year in 2008 and Minnesota Superintendent of the Year in 1996. He received the Excellence in Educational Leadership Award in 2005 from the University Council for Educational Administration, a lifetime achievement award from the Master Teacher in 2010 and the iNACOL Contribution to the Field award in 2016. Dr. Rickabaugh is the author of Tapping the Power of Personalized Learning: A Roadmap for School Leaders, focused on helping principals and other educational leaders to engage their staffs in designing and implementing personalized learning ecosystems. Jim is also a co-author of Five Levers To Improve Learning: How To Prioritize For Powerful Results In Your School. Dr. Rickabaugh serves on the board of the Wisconsin Education Business Roundtable He also provides support and consultation to several other organizations and agencies.