Holistic approach to career counselling

7 May 14:00 - 15:15
Holistic approach to career counselling Ludovic Collin

Holistic approach to career counselling

Ludovic Collin

Presenting the concept “Cité des métiers” and explaining how it remains an innovative tool 25 years after its creation

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More than just a one-stop shop in lifelong career guidance, Cité des métiers focus on an holistic approach of career counselling and oriented to individual needs of all citizens in the territory. They offer a neutral place to make stakeholders in the fields of education, vocational training, employment, business development working together.

After presenting the concept “Cité des métiers” and explaining how it remains “an innovative tool” 25 years after its creation, I will present the different models of structures and multi-partnership management modalities to spread services to citizens in the territory.

Key concerns of Cités des métiers in the future is how to up-skill practionners’ skills and how to support the skills development in particular digital skills of citizens so that they can better access to the labour market. On the one hand I will present the non-formal procedure of validation of skills of the profession of career counselling in integrated spaces and training programme developed under the Erasmus+ project COCADE. On the other hand, I will present the digital literacy in Cités des métiers and then focus on a project of inclusive and digital mediation services to clients in particular for disadvantaged people.

About Ludovic Collin

Cités des Métiers

Ludovic COLLIN, Coordinator of the Cités des métiers International Network (RICDM)

He has been working in the Network for more than 4 years. He has gained a strong knowledge regarding practices in career counselling services and non-formal validation of skills in Europe.

He is in charge of strategic advice, EU project management, financial and administrative management of the association and communication & event.He previously gained almost 10 years extensive experience in different European countries in advisory services and public relations in public and private organisations including in Higher Education Institutions.