Labour market integration of migrants

7 May 16:00 - 17:15
Labour market integration of migrants Helge Wilters

Labour market integration of migrants

Helge Wilters

Tools to help refugees and other migrants with their occupational integration

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Competence Cards, Career Cards and the website can support counsellors in their everyday effort to help for refugees and other migrants with their occupational integration

People with migrant backgrounds still suffer significant disadvantages with respect to educational and professional opportunities. However, many newcomers have valuable experience and qualifications. In cooperation with her partners, Bertelsmann Stiftung has developed Competence Cards and Career Cards (for transversal and vocational skills) and the online tool (for vocational skills) to help immigration and job counsellors speed up the identification and utilization of skills and competences.

Helge Wilters, will give some practical examples of how the Competence Cards are used to identify clients’ social, (e.g. leadership, communication), personal (e.g. resilience, creativity) and transversal methods skills (e.g. organisation, pedagogy). Ramona Lopez will explain the usage of the Career Cards. They support migrants in mapping their professional experience to the German labour market or finding out in which direction their professional path in Germany could lead. Finally, Ramona will present which uses 20-40 photos of real life work actions in each of 30 VET-professions and asks candidates in 6 languages how often they have carried out the respective action. After 3-5 minutes the result can be downloaded that aggregates the answers in 5-7 professional action fields corresponding to actual jobs in the respective profession.

Tools to help refugees and other migrants with their occupational integration

About Helge Wilters

JobCenter Plön

After finishing school, Helge studied social sciences at the Carl-von-Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony and worked at an education provider in Oldenburg. In 2014 he started working for the Federal Agency of Employment as an apprenticeship agent before joining Jobcenter Kreis Plön in April 2016. Mr. Wilters works with the competence cards since 2016 and travelled to Berlin and the 2017 VPL Biennale in Aarhus to report about his experience with the cards from a practical perspective. In 2016/2017 Mr. Wilters was part of the counsellor team that participated in the development of the Career Cards and furthermore gave practitioner advice during the development of

In his role as an employment agent for refugees under the age of 25 at Jobcenter Kreis Plön in Preetz/ Schleswig-Holstein, Helge Wilters supports refugees with granted refugee status to start German language classes, find schools, apprenticeships places or regular work on the German labour market. In addition to that he offers additional training options for young refugees to get easier access to the German labour market through short term interships or introductional training programmes as preparation for apprenticeships.