Mapping Pathways to Employment

7 May 14:00 - 15:15
Mapping Pathways to Employment Ulrich Scharf

Mapping Pathways to Employment

Ulrich Scharf

Introduction of Skilllab

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Using neural networks and other statistical methods, Skilllab turned the European framework for Skills/Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO) into a map on which individuals can express their past in rich detail. With the goal to account for all skills an individual acquired through jobs, informal activities and education, Skilllab introduces an innovative and scale-able approach to connect individuals to labor markets, education and validation mechanisms. During the presentation, Ulrich describes the principles to map all skills as well as the challenges/barriers to overcome.


About Ulrich Scharf

The Netherlands

Over the last years, Ulrich specialized in analytical systems and frameworks for positive social change. As managing Director and Co-founder of Skilllab, his focus is on using modern technology to map out an individuals past experiences. Building on the ESCO model, Skilllab developed applications and statistical methods to empower individuals to intuitively express their skills and experiences more effectively to European employers. Prior, he headed a team at GRESB to build a platform assessing the environmental, social and governance performance of over 3.5 trillion EUR in investment portfolios as well as co-founded rootAbility, a social business that drives the sustainability transition of the European higher education sector. A serial social entrepreneur at heart, he studied Economics in Maastricht and completed an apprenticeship as a banker in Germany.