2nd VPL Biennale – Denmark – 2017

The mission of the 2nd VPL Biennale was to share information, knowledge, ideas and visions on the practice of VPL: the user at the centre.

ThemeThe user at the centre!
LocationAarhus, Denmark

Validation is increasingly recognised as the key component for the individual´s possibility to manage shifts in modern life in terms of lifelong learning and career. To make VPL a core element in life and career self-management, the individual needs information, guidance and counselling, emphasising both learning and work perspectives in order to secure longer-term relevance and value for the individual.

Conclusions 2nd VPL Biennale

Antra Carlsen presented the general conclusions about the 2nd VPL Biennale: Key-notes on the developments and challenges of VPL for reflections, 11 different workshops with 37 presentations, 170 participants – diversity of perspectives.

The User at the Centre!

The user should be understood as the learner, the worker, the unemployed, the volunteer and the employer (the practice of VPL focusing on protagonists/users (learner, worker, unemployed, volunteer) and key stakeholders (employers, educational institutions, trade unions, authorities). To fulfil the vision, the main questions to be answered by researchers, practitioners, policy makers and stakeholders involved in this Biennale were:

  • How to move from fragmentation to integration in VPL arrangements?
  • How to support and serve the user in the VPL processes (identification, documentation, assessment and certification)?
  • How to understand the usefulness of validation seen from the user’s perspective?
  • How to understand the biography and career development from the individual perspective?
  • Which are the professional roles to be filled in?

The key question through all activities: How to improve VPL practice with the individual use at the centre?

Organising Principle

The VPL Biennale was organised with keynotes representing policy, practice and research. Two rounds of parallel sessions including introduction, paper presentations and discussions. Plenary discussions and conclusions.
The organisation committee invites to take part by writing papers and make presentations in the thematic sessions. You find more information about this at the VPL Biennale web site. The sessions will be moderated by an expert in validation. The description of the sessions is still preliminary. We invite you to take part and describe your thoughts and contribution as presenter of written papers to fulfil the program in the sessions.