Watch here the interview with the VPL prize winner of 2017: Iceland!

The Global VPL Prize awards best practices in any imaginable area of VPL. It’s the story of VPL and its sustainable impact that counts.

The 2017 edition focuses on VPL-stories’ that exhibit the potential of VPL especially for the user/individual. This entails that any VPL-story that focuses on an accountable potential to be opened up (pilots) or case studies of established VPL-application, is a potential winner of the Global VPL-prize 2017. So, nominate your pilot, best practice or accountable plan.

Nominees and winner previous global VPL Prize

Rockwool, winner of previous global VPL Prize

The ROCKWOOL Group in the Netherlands considers the role of learning as a key element in the human resource management-policy of ROCKWOOL.

In the plant in Roermond this HRM-policy is regarded as an on-going process of linking learning and working for each individual employee by means of competence-steered assessment-methods and work-based development-programs:

  • Assessment is applied as a summative and a formative method for enhancing performance of not only the employees for the company but also of the company for the employees.
  • Learning goals are oriented towards employability and qualification on the one hand for strengthening the working-processes, and on the other hand for creating empowerment and opening up internal/external career-opportunities for the employees.
  • Development is focused on facilitating learning trajectories that are beneficial for employability, personal development and internal/external career-steps of the employees.
  • VPL is thé method for linking the potential of employees with the need for competences in  the function-groups. It is utilized as a multi-targeted and single-targeted method for sustainable HRM.